Our Farms

Arfonfruits is a company that was launched in 2011 with a true entrepreneurial spirit thanks to extensive experience in the production and marketing of sweet fruits. 
Values such as effort, teamwork, dedication and determination are the essence of our company. This means we can provide the best possible service to our customers and deliver the freshest produce possible to supermarkets, shops and markets when the fruit is in season, guaranteeing a linear delivery from May to October

Arfonfruits is based in the town of Aitona in the region of Segriá, Lleida (Spain).
This is an inland region with an almost continental climate. The winters are cold and with lingering mists, while the summers are hot and dry. These conditions guarantee crops of the highest quality. Our fields are irrigated by the water of the Segre River and the Catalonia and Aragón Canal. 

All our work is subject to a quality assurance process with stringent environmental, production and workplace controls. 

We currently distribute a wide range of sweet fruits, including white/yellow/red peaches, yellow/white nectarines, Saturn peaches, flat nectarines, apricots, figs, quinces, pears and apples.